Embarque utilizes a groundbreaking suite of integrated technologies that consolidates all of your transportation management needs, for all the members of your team, custom designed for all platforms, so that all relevant information is available to everyone, everywhere.

Passengers and travel managers alike can take control of the transportation experience so that the information you need is right where you need it. Embarque’s Mobile App, Embarque.com, and the Carey Connect Travel Management Platform each offer Embarque’s integrated travel management services.

Passenger Mobile Application

Booking and managing travel has never been faster or simpler. The Embarque Mobile App seamlessly translates the often disparate and complex details of managed travel into a single frame of information that is organized and complete. With the Embarque Mobile App you can:

  • Book and manage travel on the go
  • Receive notifications regarding changes to reservations and trip status
  • Allow travelers to view their vehicle and driver on the road, in real time, from their smart phone
  • Allow travelers to see a picture of their driver and his cell phone number
  • Accommodate scheduling variables by making changes to reservations, pickup/drop-off locations, and adding or deleting stops

Passenger Website

Embarque.com provides robust solutions for travel coordination and  accommodates all travel needs in one place with one technology. Embarque has streamlined the process of booking and managing travel online with beautiful and intuitive new traveler-centric websites for Embarque clients. Working seamlessly with the Carey Connect Management Platform, our sites grant your team access to accounts and itineraries with information updating instantly when changes are made on mobile, online, or through Carey Connect.  Embarque.com features:

  • Simple and quick registration process
  • Plan, arrange, and manage travel seamlessly in one place
  • Streamline the booking process by setting preferences and managing custom profiles
  • Edit travel arrangements by adding stops, and changing pickup and drop-off locations
  • Review current reservation status in real time
  • Track vehicle locations through GPS
  • Observe adjustments made in real time, reflected across all our tools, including the Carey Connect management platform

Carey Connect Travel Management Platform

Carey Connect is a tool designed specifically for those that manage travel for others.  Carey Connect simplifies every step of the booking and travel management process. Our powerful new management tools provide access to all your travel arrangements in one simple and intuitive location. Whether you are tracking drivers with GPS technology, changing a reservation, or reviewing billing, Carey Connect offers a stunning new level of transparency and real-time control for you and the members of your team who need access to any element of your transportation program. With Carey Connect, you can:

  • Book, cancel, or modify individual or multiple reservations at once, from a single, straightforward dashboard
  • Anticipate arrival times through GPS technology and view vehicle locations in real time, facilitating coordination for arrangers and benefiting travelers and team members
  • Visualize and prioritize multiple trip statuses simultaneously on a map
  • All reservation and traveler information is available in real time, across all platforms – online and on mobile through our applications
  • Receive and share notifications whenever arrangers or travelers make changes on mobile apps or online at Carey.com and Embarque.com
  • Access credit card receipts, invoices, and reporting