4 safety tips for working after hours

Follow these tips if you plan on staying after business hours.

4 safety tips for working after hours

01 Sep 2016 / Business Travel Tips /

Being a manager for your company means you'll be working after hours on occasion. Maybe your catching up on emails or you want to get ahead in your agenda. While staying late shows you're dedicated to finishing your job, it's a risky chance that could be potentially dangerous. Regardless of the reason you decided to stay late, it's important to exercise caution. Follow these tips to ensure your safety on those late nights:

1. Keep your phone charged
By keeping your phone at full battery, you're making sure you have a way to contact someone in case of any emergency. Even if you have an office phone, this step is crucial in the event of a power outage or landline issue. If you want to be cautious, just remember to keep your phone charger with you at all times.

2. Let someone know you're working late
Whether it's your friend, significant other or another family member, Allied Universal said to always notify someone that you're still at work. Continue communicating with that person to let them know when you're wrapping things up and heading out the door. Keeping a loved one updated will give them peace of mind and ensure you're safe.

If you know you'll be working late, let someone know.If you know you'll be working late, let someone know.

3.  Be extra cautious in the office
When you're alone in the office, First Security Services suggested exercising caution that you normally wouldn't need in a busy setting. Keep all of your valuables close to your side, lock your office door and close the blinds and shades. These safety precautions lessen the chance of experiencing a run-in with an intruder.

4. Don't walk home – book a ride with Embarque
Walking home or even just heading to your car late at night can be dangerous if you run into the wrong person. Instead of taking the risk, book a ride with Embarque. You can trust all of our drivers, as they go through rigorous pre-employment screenings that include comprehensive background checks. We also require regular drug and alcohol testing as well as defensive driving training and evaluations based on customer feedback. Our thoroughly-vetted drivers will make you feel as comfortable as possible so you'll never have to work a late night without calling for a ride again.

To make a reservation, call (866) 444-2144, book online, or download the Embarque mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.