The 5 best places to get a drink in Berkeley

These are among the best places to visit in Berkeley California during your next business trip.

The 5 best places to get a drink in Berkeley

10 Apr 2017 / Destination Guides /

The San Francisco Bay is a hub of activity, and a beacon of history, culture and business. And outside of the city proper and just north of bustling Oakland sits the city of Berkeley. Here, academia intersects with the tech industry, making this a dynamic, yet refined place to visit.

Because it's home to the University of California, Berkeley, however, some of the most visited spots to grab a drink can be full of college students. When traveling for business, you'll likely prefer to avoid such a rambunctious crowd and instead enjoy a cold beer or cocktail in peace. These five locations are a little more sophisticated and perfect for the professional crowd:

1. César
This is a great place to relax after a successful day of meetings because along with delicious wines and mixed drinks, César also serves world-class tapas. Small plates are ideal for a calm night out because you can sample new flavors at your leisure without feeling rushed. USA Today found that this is among the most attractive spots in Berkeley for professionals because of it's diverse menu and knowledgeable bartenders.

A glass of wine and plate of delicious Spanish food is a great reward for a successful business trip.A glass of wine and plate of delicious Spanish food is a great reward for a successful business trip.

2. Jupiter
Although the Bay Area receives its fair share of wet weather, if conditions are right during your trip, you should head to Jupiter. This old-style tavern has an excellent back patio. And more to the point, Jupiter is a beer drinker's paradise. 

With 12 beers made in-house to chose from, you can indulge in a truly unique libation. Otherwise there are many more drinks on the menu to try out, along with brick-oven pizza and other edibles. When traveling in Berkeley, use the Embarque app to swing by this hidden gem.

3. Comal
California has a rich, storied history, and as such, the food scene has a number of diverse influences. Mexican culture is an especially strong force, and if you're after a hand-crafted cocktail made with traditional Mexican liquors, Thrillest reported that there's no better place to visit than Comal. And if sipping tequilas or drinks made with aged mezcal aren't your style, Comal is also home to an al fresco beer garden. Unwind with a drink inside of the stylish dining room or head to the back to check out the fire pit.

Be sure to have yourself a drink with the finest tequila.Be sure to have yourself a drink with the finest tequila.

4. Tupper & Reed
This bar has at times been a restaurant, an art studio and a concert venue. Today, it serves the Berkeley community a dizzying array of drink options. Bartenders can provide beer or punch on tap, and there are more than 300 spirits to choose from. As such, the mixologists at Tupper & Reed can satisfy just about any palate.

5. The 44 Restaurant, Bar & Lounge
While Berkeley certainly offers visitors many opportunities to have a unique experience, you can also kick up your feet at more traditional sports bars. With a classy charm, the 44 Restaurant, Bar & Lounge is a sophisticated spot to have a bite to eat and a cold drink while you watch the game.

No matter where you end up, make sure you plan ahead and ensure you have a safe and professional ride. Download the Embarque mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, or make a reservation by calling (866) 444-2144 or booking online