The best hacks for travel efficiency

Consider these simple hacks to travel for business as efficiently as possible.

The best hacks for travel efficiency

08 Jun 2016 / Business Travel Tips /

Business travel can get overwhelming fast. Between gathering your travel itinerary and making sure you have all of the proper work documents, it can be hard to stay on top of it all. If you're regularly hitting the road or the airport, traveling efficiently and effectively is key. Consider these simple hacks for business travel.

1. Know where you're going
Before you hop in your town car, it's important to map out your trip. Whether you're coming from a suburban home or a downtown office, you definitely want to be on time for your train or flight. Look into apps such as Waze, which will tell you the best route to take to avoid traffic, construction and accidents. If your driver is familiar with the area, confer with him or her to determine which route is best to get there on time. If you're traveling in an unfamiliar city and don't know where to go, download apps such as TripAdvisor or WikiSherpa, which will give you a map of where you are as well as guidance for restaurants, hotels and more in the area. The best part? No WiFi needed.

"Hotel-booking apps such as HotelTonight can locate all hotels in your area, even from a moving car."

2. Book on-the-go
If you plan on traveling for the day and meetings go later than planned, you don't want to be calling all the hotels in the area last minute hoping they have rooms available. Instead, try out user-friendly apps to make your accommodation booking seamless. Hotel-booking apps such as HotelTonight can locate all hotels in your area, even if you're in a moving car. If you are looking to book in advance, aim to only book one night. While you may still have business to do the next day, you might discover you'd rather try out a different hotel or stay in a spot a little closer to the office. 

3. Empty out your briefcase
If you're a frequent traveler, you most likely have a go-to carry on and a briefcase or laptop bag. However, if you're always on-the-go, those bags can become filled with unnecessary items. Between excess documents, dinner receipts and breakfast bar wrappers, you're bag could be holding a lot of unnecessary stuff. Before booking your car to go to the airport or train, dump all the contents out of your bag. You want it to be as light as possible when you're on the move, so ditch any old paperwork and trash before beginning your trip.

The right suitcase can play a big role in travel efficiency. The right suitcase can play a big role in travel efficiency.

4. Travel with little luggage
The less baggage you have, the easier it will be to avoid losing or forgetting something. If you are moving from hotel to train to car, you don't want to constantly be worried if you have everything. While travel car services are reliable and may inform you when you have left something behind, airlines and trains may not do the same. Try to get a roll-aboard bag, which is simply a rolling suitcase with a compartment for your laptop. Keep this bag as a carry-on to prevent the laptop from being damaged in any way. This way you can skip the pesky baggage fees that add up quick. 

5. Understand the local language
If you're traveling to a different area of the world, it's important to know the local tongue. However, no one has time to brush up on their Spanish, Chinese, German and so on. That's why it's wise to download a language app. Try ones like Duolingo, which give you free lessons in the language of your choice. Learn a few common phrases while in your car service or on the flight to your destination - you'll be happy you did.