Breweries in Boston you should check out

Boston has some of the best breweries in the country.

Breweries in Boston you should check out

15 Aug 2016 / Destination Guides /

With more than a dozen of the country's best craft breweries, the greater Boston area is no stranger to great beer. While each brewery uses its own recipes and has its own take on the beverage, they all share a common goal: to provide people with delicious, unique drinks.

Find out more about what goes into making this goal a reality by taking a behind the scenes tour of the breweries themselves. When you get to see the machinery and the craftsmanship up close and personal, you gain a whole new understanding of what it takes to make beer. Here are a few of the best to visit:

Sam Adams Brewery
Sam Adams is one of the quintessential New England beers. Visitors to the brewery learn about what it takes to journey from hops to glass, along with getting a lesson in the history of beer in the area. Come for the knowledge imparted but stay for the fresh pints, and at the end of it leave with a signature glass. You even get to taste the special malts and smell the Hallertau hops that make the Sam Adams brand what it is. 

Enjoy a beer, then enjoy knowing you don't have to drive after.Enjoy a beer, then enjoy knowing you don't have to drive after.

Harpoon Brewery
For the adventurous beer drinker, Harpoon Brewery is the place to be. Its offerings tend towards the darker and more complex side of things, making it a good choice for anybody looking to indulge or develop a more sophisticated palate. The staff is all friendly and accommodating, willing to answer any and every question about the process they use to make beer. If you get peckish, they also serve homemade soft pretzels that pair perfectly with a frosty pint. 

Boston Brew Tours
Can't choose just one to visit? With Boston Brew Tours, you don't have to. The owners of this tailored excursion have relationships with most of the major brewers in the area, which allows them to provide quick-hitting tours of the area's best beer-makers. From nanobreweries to large-scale operations, this tour lets you visit and sample a little bit from each category. It's the perfect choice if you would prefer to spend a little less time in a variety of breweries, rather than taking a deep dive into one.  

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