The importance of driver knowledge

Choosing a transportation service that prioritizes driver knowledge is key.

The importance of driver knowledge

02 Aug 2016 / Travel Experience /

When you choose to book a ride with a chauffeur, you're trusting that your driver could get you around town with his or her eyes closed – figuratively speaking, of course. You don't want to worry about getting lost, showing up to your destination late or taking a detour that increases your fare exponentially. That's why choosing a service that understands the importance of driver knowledge is crucial.

Here are key areas your chauffeur should have a firm grasp on:

Trusted drivers understand the importance of personal appearance – a clean, professional look shows that they truly care about their reputation. Not only that, but they will always make sure their car is well-kept and maintained – which reflects their focus on keeping you safe and stylish on the road.

Customer service
According to Limousine, Charter & Tour magazine, experienced drivers should be able to perfect their customer service skills. That means always treating the customer with the utmost respect and courtesy. Chauffeurs should have an understanding of when it's appropriate to engage in conversation and when it's best to sit back and refrain from talking. They should also be as professional as possible by offering to open the door, take care of your luggage and adjust the music and central air to your ideal setting.

An excellent driver knows to open the door and take care of your luggage.An excellent driver knows to open the door and take care of your luggage.

Road safety
You driver should never make you feel like you're in danger while you're on the road. That's why professional transportation services make sure their chauffeurs go through rigorous training to ensure they know all of the transportation safety rules. With a trusted driver, risks are never taken and protection is always provided.

Primary language
Traveling in a taxi cab with a driver who doesn't speak the native tongue can seem equally overwhelming and unsettling. An article by Business Insider highlighted the importance of why you need an English-speaking driver in the states. Their job, after all, is to communicate in the language of the clients they are serving to ensure a quality ride to the correct destination. A top-notch transportation service will only hire chauffeurs if they can speak the country's primary language.

"Choose a company that trains drivers to be destination experts."

City expertise
Nobody wants to get in the car with someone who doesn't know where they're going, especially if that person is the driver. That's why choosing a transportation service that focuses on training drivers to be destination experts is key. After all, Work BC reported that trustworthy chauffeurs should always have thorough knowledge of the area they are driving in.

Taxi cabs are often referred to as the unreliable choice – even if they're already parked outside, there's a chance you'll be waiting in line to catch a ride. And attempting to flag them down on the side of the road? That's not going to get you anywhere unless you're aggressive – especially in big cities. When you book a ride with trusted chauffeurs, they are trained to make your service their top priority. That means arriving to pick you up in a timely fashion. A punctual driver will even show up five minutes early if possible, so you never have to worry about waiting around for a ride.

Embarque understands driver knowledge
Using a quality chauffeur service, such as Embarque, is a trustworthy option. That's because we put our drivers through rigorous defensive driving training as well as regular evaluations based on customer feedback. You can't rely on ride-hailing services for expert knowledge. Forbes reported that one such company's turnover rate doesn't inspire passenger confidence – 11 percent of new drivers end up quitting within a month, and about half of all workers leave the company within a year. Can you really trust that a brand-new driver with minimal training will get you where you need to be on time? There's no need to hope and pray for reliable service – Embarque always has you covered with service that is consistently safe, clean and operated by a thoroughly vetted driver.

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