What being late means to business travel

What being late means to business travel

06 Sep 2016 / Business Travel Tips /
 by Carey Newsroom

It's never a good idea to be late. It's even worse when it comes to business travel, as the stakes are higher and the margin for error is less. Being late to meet a friend might mean a brief period of annoyance, but being late to a see a client could mean scuttling a whole deal. Here are some of the negative impacts that tardiness has:

It shows a lack of politeness
When it comes to business, you are judged not on your intentions, but on your actions. The people that you meet with will not be interested in the fact that the train was stalled or you had to fight for a cab. Rather, they will take away the impression that you believe that your time is more valuable than theirs is. Sending this message can quickly sap goodwill and cause negotiations to get off on the wrong foot. 

It's expensive
Time is money. Business travel requires a number of different parties take a chunk out of their days to come together, and every hour that takes is an hour that's not going to another project. When you waste time by being late, you rapidly increase the cost and scope of a project, as you have tied up resources that could have been deployed elsewhere. In addition, last minute adjustments and rebookings can be costly. 

You're not at your best when you rush. You're not at your best when you rush.

It reflects poorly on your company
When you travel for business, you are not just representing yourself. You are representing the organization that sent you, and when you are late, its reputation takes a hit as well. The company is larger than just you, and being on time is one of the ways that you can show that you understand the responsibility with which you have been entrusted.

It causes you to be at less than your best
Whenever you head into a business meeting, you want to be at your best. You want to be thoughtful and clear-eyed, and capable of listening intently and offering up trenchant insights. When you are late, this becomes less likely. Not only do you lose the preparation time that is so important before a big meeting, you also have to deal with the stress of not knowing whether you will make it in time. This combination can divert your attention from where it should be, and lower your professional capacity. 

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