What to see at Lollapalooza

Who are you most excited to see at Lollapalooza?

What to see at Lollapalooza

28 Jul 2016 / Travel Experience /

For music lovers, summer is festival season. It's a great time for everybody to get together, check out some of their favorite bands and dance the days away. Checking out a festival is one of the very best ways to see a whole lot of musical acts all at the same time, and few events offer a greater variety than Lollapalooza. From big name crooners to up-and-coming indie acts, there's something for just about everyone. 

This year, Lollapalooza will be between July 28-July 31, 2016 in Grant Park, Chicago. Looking to make the trek? Here's what you need to know to make your trip a rousing success:

Who to see
This year's lineup is absolutely jam-packed. For rap fans, J. Cole and G.Eazy are clear Day One standouts, along with Canadian up-and-comer Jazz Cartier. Electronic and alternative lovers will be all over Day Two, which is when Radiohead and Major Lazer take the stage. Day Three is a rock paradise, with performances from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane's Addiction, and Day Four features headlining acts from soulful songstresses HAIM and Ellie Goulding. 

Of course, there are lesser-known acts abound as well. One favorite is The Strumbellas, a six piece Canadian outfit whose music seamlessly fuses alternative country, indie rock and funk-laced bluegrass. Check them out on Day Three. 

Music festivals are a great time. Music festivals are a great time.

What to bring
If you're a festival veteran, you know you'll be on your feet a lot. That means comfortable shoes, preferably closed-toed. Also, don't forget to bring sunscreen, hand-sanitizer and bug spray to stay safe and comfortable. Carry plenty of cash as well, as a lot of places won't take credit cards and ATM fees can quickly begin to add up. 

How to get around
Let's face it - you're not the only person in the world who had the awesome idea of checking out Lollapalooza. That means it's going to be crowded. In fact, Time Out Chicago predicted that there will be about 100,000 people in Grant Park every day of the weekend, making parking an absolute nightmare - not to mention potentially expensive. Public transportation is unlikely to be too much better, as the thousands of folks that weren't able to find parking spots will be cramming themselves onto trains and buses. During the height of summer, this is far from the most comfortable way to travel. 

Luckily, there is a third option, one that is easy, secure and convenient. Embarque can chauffeur you around to wherever you need to go, for the entirety of festival. Once you book your reservation, you can stop worrying about travel, and start worrying about how you're going to fit in so many awesome bands in one weekend. 

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